Time for a change

If you read my first essay on here I wrote about how my passion for programming and technology started. That path has taken many turns over my life. With my love for technology always somehow being apart of my life there were turns that lead my focus in other areas. From going to College in Sweden to play basketball to pursuing a Masters degree in Theology because I thought I wanted to be a chaplain. With so many twists and turns, technology played a role but not as big as I would have wanted. In order to put myself through school I worked doing skilled trades such as masonry and finish carpentry. Those skills served me well throughout my life as a fall back when needed, which eventually become my sole job. I like working with my hands and I am good at it, but I would find myself at home tinkering around on little simple programming projects and in heaven every moment. I knew i loved it and I knew that it was what I felt most fulfilled doing, but I had a construction company I owned with my brother and I needed to make sure that continued so I could support my family. It’s easy to get into a day to day routine and being focused on providing that you forget to push for your dreams. Than something horrible and yet hugely amazing happened, covid-19 pandemic. The horrible reasons are obvious, but why amazing? I mean we lost the contracts we had lined up and there was virtually no work. I was home without work…but I was home. 

I don’t like to sit idle and I quickly realised that this was a blessing. I was gifted the time that was so scarce before the pandemic. I decided that this was it, I was going to dive all in and finally learn to program. Finally set myself to learn more than hacking some thing together with limited knowledge of how it worked. So I did just that, completing a python tech degree from Treehouse and soaking up as much as I could. I didn’t want to waste a second and spent hours upon hours learning and reading and practising. The one thing I soon realised was that in order to get into becoming a developer I needed to network and find people to learn from. I needed mentors. I searched and finally found a team of Python coaches and setup a zoom conference call. I knew very quickly into the call that these gentleman were exactly the right fit and what I needed to get me pointed in the right direction and I was beyond excited to start. So here I am, about two months into the quarantine, many many hours of reading and about to start with some incredible mentors. By the way, that call was on thursday and today is Saturday. Next week it all begins and I set my path down a new direction towards a career that I have always loved but never fully jumped into and I can’t wait. 

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