Where it all started…

I have been fascinated with programming and computers since a child. My father had many tech ventures and I remember always being excited about what he would bring home next. I remember the day he brought home a Macintosh computer. Back when they were white boxes that took the large floppy disks. Everything about it was awesome to me. Being able to turn on this machine and imagine I was a programming writing some high security code to bypass encrypted passwords. Of course in reality i was just typing random letters into terminal but man did I think I was awesome!

Shortly after bringing it home I remember reading about this new thing called HTML. This was the first public release iteration of HTML and it was ugly by today’s standards, But I had to know more about. I begged my parents to let me get books on HTML, I went to the library to get out books but they didn’t have any. And of course, with HTML being such a new concept and the internet in its infancy, googling information was not an option. In fact, It wasn’t even Google than but Netscape. Do you remember Netscape?

“The Internet is the printing press of the technology era.”

–Jim Barksdale, then CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation (Time, 16 September 1996)

I eventually tracked down a book on HTML and I sat in front of the computer and wrote in notepad my very first line of code. When I loaded that screen and saw the results of my hacked together little bits of code and I wrote in what seemed like Greek (Although later down the road I ended up learning Greek for my Masters), I was hooked. I knew there was going to be a lot to come in this new technology and that I would be apart of it one way or another. It didn’t take the path I initially thought and the path weaved in and out of many different paths but it was always to some degree apart of me and my passion. But that is for another time.

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